• Janet Saidi, Kansas City
  • Amy Jeffries, WRKF
  • Keith Shortall, MPBN
  • Fred Martino, KRWG
  • Xana O'Neill, WNYC
  • Peter O'Dowd, WBUR
  • Matt Schafer-Powell, WUOT
  • Tim Lambert, WITF
  • Marge Pitrof, WUWM
  • Vince Duffy, Michigan Radio
  • Michael Leland, IPR
  • George Bodarky, WFUV
  • Yellowstone Public Radio's Jackie Yamanaka with Jim Gransbery.
  • Elisabeth Perez-Luna, WHYY
  • Karen Feagins, WJCT
  • Sally Mauk, formerly with Montana Public Radio
  • Anita Bugg, Nashville Public Radio
  • Rachel Lewis Hilburn, WHQR
  • Mike Edgerly, Minnesota Public Radio
  • John Dankosky, WNPR
  • Bruce Koon, KQED
  • Cara Hetland, South Dakota Public Broadcasting
  • Michael Marcotte, Univ of New Mexico
  • Morgan Holm, OPB
  • Rachel Lindley, WBHM
  • Maryanne Zeleznik, WVXU
  • Tripp Sommer, KLCC
  • Randy Gorbman, WXXI
  • Kelley Griffin, Colorado Public Radio
  • Sam Hudzik, WFCR
  • Suzanne Marmion, KPBS
  • Chris Blank, WKNO
  • Kurt Gwartney, formerly of KGOU
  • Connie Walker, WUNC
  • Joaqlin Estus, KBNA
  • Sarah Ashworth, NHPR
  • Doug Doyle, WBGO
  • Paul Glickman, KPCC
  • Martha Foley, North Country Public Radio
  • Eve Troeh, WWNO
  • Terry Gildea, KUER
  • Brian O'Keefe, WDCB
  • Rick Holter, KERA
  • Frank Morris, KCUR
  • Bob Beck, Wyoming Public Media
  • Meymo Lyons, WAMU
  • Andrea Chalfin, KRCC
  • Joe Barr, Capital Public Radio
  • Holly Kernan, KQED
  • Connie Stevens, WVTF
  • Sally Eisele, Interlochen, MI
  • Emily Donahue, KUT
  • Ken Vincent, KVCR
  • Raul Ramirez, 1946-2013
  • Cathy Duchamp, KUOW
  • Lance Orozco, KCLU
  • Pat Duggins, Alabama Public Radio
  • Teresa Collier, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
  • Scott Cameron, Illinois Public Radio
  • Amy Tardif, WGCU
  • Charles Compton, WSKG
  • Brian Larsen, KUNC
  • Erin Hennessey, KPLU
  • Bill Raack, St Louis Public Radio
  • Brent Wolfe, WUNC
  • Naomi Starobin, WHYY


This online manual is dedicated to the hardworking managers of U.S. public media newsrooms.

More about the guide


Six essential attributes of a public radio news director:


Leads with a mission

2Empowers others

3Sets the editorial bar

4Puts the public first

5Masters the medium

6Advances public service journalism


Field Kit

The Field Kit is filled with resources for the local public radio news director.

  • KQED Radio Studio
  • 87.5???
  • PRNDG is sponsored by PRNDI


Data pertaining to local public media news.

Issues & Challenges

Solutions for problems that vex us.


Tactics and procedures you can try in the newsroom.


Actual examples and ready-to-use templates.

Case Studies

Focus on real situations.

Outside Help

Borrowing from the best in the industry.