Audio Production

News Directors wear many hats and one of those might be “engineer and artist” when it comes to assembling a first-rate audio production. That’s why it’s important to stay up to speed on changes in audio technology and software programs.

Ironically, the first place an ND may turn for help on audio production is a digitally-savvy newcomer. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, such training flows both ways as the ND picks up new skills, the ND can also share wisdom and experience. Many tenets of good production transcend the particulars of software and hardware.

Another source of help in production may be from tutorials provided by the software (or equipment) manufacturer. Usually they are happy to oblige as part of the original sale agreement.

You might find some useful sites online.

There’s always helpful advice on

Knight Digital Media Center at Berkeley has various on-line tutorials for working with audio (and other multimedia).

For simple tutorials on the basics, go to