Table of Contents

The Public Radio News Directors Guide (PRNDG) is an online manual for public radio news managers in the United States.

Your Job

Small stations will demand more of you as a journalist. Large stations will demand more of you as manager. In all situations, you should begin your job as a leader. more: Your Job →

Your Team

Steer the energies of a news team to find and deliver meaningful information, efficiently and effectively, over and over again. more: Your Team →

Your News

Begin with the end in mind: What should our listeners hear on their radios? What matters to them? So begins the recurring cycle of seeking, finding and telling the news. more: Your News →

Your Audience

Be mindful of the dominant characteristics of the news audience, be aware of how that information is collected, and be prepared to engage that audience in the pursuit of better service. more: Your Audience →

Your Medium

The global explosion of communication speed and information access will change newsgathering, news delivery and audience habits. You’re able to practice public service journalism like never before. more: Your Medium →

Your World

The more you know about the industry around you, the more you can analyze influences, avoid threats or seize opportunities. more: Your World →