Defining Public Radio News Excellence

What do we mean by quality local news?

  1. Exploit the Aesthetic Imperatives of Your Medium. The message received by listeners is influenced by the inherent nature of the audio medium. Radio is intimate, immediate and imaginative. Similarly, visual media and mobile media have unique strengths. Use these imperatives in the service of excellent story telling.
  2. Embrace the Craft. Place tremendous importance on excellent writing, delivery, use of sound, etc. Offer the listener a rich and unique experience.
  3. Give Journalistic Quality, Receive Trust. The public has many choices and is growing skeptical of superficial news sources, hyped promotion and inaccuracy. Even small mistakes can damage credibility or ruin the media experience. Consistent, professional, authentic presentation breeds familiarity and confidence in our work. Public trust in our service is a priority. Trust must not be compromised or taken for granted.
  4. Discerning listeners Want Only the Best. Offer listeners the best there is to offer – the best talent, the best thinkers, the best observers. Offer beauty and intelligence. Whatever the story or program, seek to serve the listener’s highest aspirations.
  5. Create Context and Connections. Provide handles on issues that citizens can grasp. Provide forums where active minds can hear themselves reflect. Explain the background, the history, the philosophy, the underpinnings of issues and people in the news. Show linkages and connections that help make sense of a fragmented world. Be on hand to spotlight discovery and progress and triumph – as much as we spotlight tragedy or failure.

By striving every day to make every story, every newscast, and every program an example of dedication to our mission and principles, we make ourselves a more valuable institution for the good of our community.