NPR Digital Services

NPR is rapidly growing its digital arm and its training services.

NPR is not only advancing innovation for NPR’s own purposes, but it is also actively engaged in advancement and training for stations and station-based journalists.

Check out NPR’s new Editorial Training site!


Below are some of earlier online webinars and workshops provided by NPR Digital Services:





Content and Coverage

Writing for web

Social Media





The Poynter Institute

The Poynter Institute is non-profit journalism training center based in St Petersburg, Florida. The institute has radically increased its online training, including the launch of its interactive “News University.”

Here are just some of the links to online training to help introduce you to what Poynter has to offer:

Management & Leadership

Digital Strategies

Newsgathering & Storytelling

News University — Training Modules

Poynter also provides excellent coverage of the latest doings in journalism — about ethics, business, technology, stories in the news, etc. Sign up for their daily newsletters:

Poynter “Latest News”

Journalism Membership Organizations

Most journalism professional organizations provide training as part of their annual conferences, but only a few are providing ongoing training via their websites.

Here’s are some of the more active journalism groups with online training initiatives:

PRNDI — Public Radio News Directors Inc provides occasional online webinars. It also sponsored this ND guide.

SPJ — Society of Professional Journalists has been advancing ethics and practices in journalism since 1909. It opened an online training portal for members.

RTDNA — Radio-Television Digital News Association has embraced more public media journalists along with its commercial-station membership. RTDNA provides a variety of training services, some free to non-members.

ONA — the Online News Association is one of the fastest-growing journalism groups. It offers webinars in collaboration with The Poynter Institute. Meantime, it is growing its online offerings.

IRE — Investigative Reporters and Editors is a vital group aimed at accountability coverage. Most training is in person but the group provides many resources online.

SEJ — Society of Environmental Journalists provides a variety of online resources for better science reporting.

This is not a definitive list. Please provide in the comment section below any other suggested online training sources by journalism membership organizations.




Knight Digital Media Centers

Thanks to the largesse of the Knight Foundation, the biggest name in journalism philanthropy, we have some excellent training centers working to advance innovations in news, including training for newsroom managers and their staffs.

The Knight Digital Media Center at USC serves as an information hub. The center lists trainings and also archives online tutorials here.

Meanwhile, the KDMC at Berkeley is active in providing digital news training. This center has some outstanding online skills courses for journalists.

Other Knight Centers:

Year-long fellowship programs: