Increase Story Impact

News Directors can lead routine processes that lend extra impact to any story worth the effort. Increased impact, in this case, means creating greater awareness of the story and increased likelihood the audience will receive the story.

Trigger any or all of the following procedures as soon as the reporting work is done.

  • Begin On-Air Story Promotion.
    1. Have the reporter pull a strong audio clip
    2. Have the reporter or editor write promo copy to go with it
    3. Route the promo to operations or air hosts
  • Begin web & Social Media Publishing (if you haven’t already)
    1. Have the reporter pull a photo
    2. Have the reporter or editor write headline and web brief
    3. Publish photo and copy to web
  • Extend Story to Talk Show
    1. Notify talk producer of story findings and reporter availability
    2. Help schedule reporter for Q and A in next show

Note the heavy demands on the reporter. But the ND is key here by asserting these processes are worthy, budgeting time for them, and coordinating the responsible parties to carry out the related tasks.