Independence and Integrity Guidebooks

Some of the leading journalists in public radio got together to produce two historic guides for dealing with ethical issues.

The first of these was produced cooperatively by PRNDI, NPR and PRI in the 90s. It was authored by Professor Alan Stavitsky and was an outgrowth of a summit convened at the Poynter Institute. In the foreward, public radio pioneer William Siemering called it “25 years overdue.”

Independence and Integrity I

The second is an update of the first and was commissioned by CPB in 2004 to bolster assurances that news on public broadcasting remained high in quality and high in ethical decision-making. It was authored by Stavitsky and former NPR VP for News Jeffrey Dvorkin. Again, it sprang from a convocation at Poynter, only this time the guide confronted news “in the digital age.”

Independence and Integrity II