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Somehow the job description never fully captures it, but the job of News Director is one of the most challenging and rewarding positions there is.

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The role has broadened over time and continues to evolve to embrace new media. However, it remains rightfully anchored in public service via quality journalism.

The job splits in three overlapping functions: Leader, Manager and Journalist. How much energy you invest in each depends on your situation. Small stations will demand more of you as a journalist. Large stations will demand more of you as manager. In all situations, you begin your job as a leader.


When you accept the job of ND, you summon your will to lead. Leadership is the necessary response to the responsibility you hold. The very success of your work depends absolutely upon your journalistic credibility and relevance. As a leader, you champion the values of journalism as a sacred trust.


  • Leading with Vision
  • Leading with Courage
  • Leading with Ethics

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Through strong newsroom management, ND’s translate the imperatives of journalism into action. Most News Directors were promoted into management by virtue of their journalistic skills. Yet, as managers, they need entirely new skills… to deal with people, systems and budgets.


  • Managing People
  • Managing Systems
  • Managing Budgets

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You serve as a lead journalist in whatever task you undertake. The amount of direct news work done by ND’s may vary widely, but your knowledge of high quality standards and practices is always in play.


  • The ND as Reporter
  • The ND as Presenter
  • The ND as Editor

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