Station Vision and News Department Mission

Station Vision

Station XXXX educates, informs, entertains and empowers its audience by acquiring, producing and delivering high quality programming worthy of support.

Guiding Principles

Station XXXX values community building, lifelong learning, and providing a service accessible to all. The XXXX staff is professional and responsive. They are committed to creating engaging and appealing programs and services in ways that reflect values of civility, respect, integrity and individual responsibility.

News & Public Affairs Department Mission

  • News & Public Affairs carries out the vision, mission and guiding principles of XXXX. We provide core news content, editorial leadership and ethical decision-making.
  • News & Public Affairs provides programming which complements the quality of its global, national and regional news services. We believe the public receives greatest benefit from well-blended global-to-local context.
  • News & Public Affairs is an independent news organization. We abide by the highest journalistic standards and principles.
  • News & Public Affairs believes an informed and engaged citizenry is essential for a strong democracy. We provide the public information that is relevant, important, timely and accurate. We provide opportunities for public discourse and interaction. We are fully accountable to the public.
  • News & Public Affairs is comprised of professional, well-trained, highly motivated team players with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. We are trustworthy and loyal to the news mission.