MPR News Tenets

 Bill Buzenberg
Bill Buzenberg

The former head of news at Minnesota Public Radio, Bill Buzenberg, shared his network’s “Ten Tenets” to a gathering of PRNDI members.
We believe…

  1. standards matter.
  2. journalists should make decisions about important news coverage.
  3. in the independence of MPR news.
  4. there should be a sharp distinction between news and entertainment.
  5. that content is king, and words are the key to that content.
  6. in appealing to the mind, not just the senses or emotions.
  7. credibility and respect are worth more than popularity.
  8. journalism is a profession.
  9. news is a public service, and not a profit center.
  10. that the First Amendment comes with enormous responsibility to serve the public.

See the complete list:
Sample-MPR News Tenets
Note that the tenth item also includes the network’s mission statement.