Reporter Hire Scoring Criteria

XXXX (BEAT) REPORTER — Search Committee Selection Criteria

Score each candidate per category accordingly: 1=unqualified, 2=below standards, 3=meets standards, 4=above standards, 5=exceeds standards (or as advised below)

  1. Education – BA meets standards. MA is above standards. PhD exceeds standards. Exceptional experience or amassing considerable non-degree education can serve as equivalent. Also consider grading above standards if the education is particularly well-suited to the beat, such as a BA in (Beat). Below standard may be reason to disqualify.
  2. Journalism Experience – Two years of journalism experience meets standards. Award above standards if cumulative experience is four years. To exceed standards, candidate would have six years or more of journalism experience. Below standard may disqualify.
  3. Radio/Public Radio – Grade the candidate’s apparent familiarity with broadcast news. Emphasize NPR-style news and high ethical standards. To meet standards would require some on-the-job radio experience. To be above standards would require public-radio experience (or considerable large market commercial radio experience). To exceed standards, candidate would have considerable large market or network public-radio experience. Below standard in this category would not disqualify candidate.
  4. web/Tech/TV/Other – Award one bonus point for any significant web experience, one for displaying significant familiarity with digital audio/radio technology, one for bringing relevant television experience, and add points for any other notable attribute(s) that would enhance a candidate’s service to XXXX .
  5. Local Knowledge/Beat Knowledge – Grade the candidate’s apparent knowledge of (Beat), (our state) and (our community). To meet standards, candidate would have demonstrated knowledge of (Beat) topics, or would have demonstrated knowledge of (our state) topics. To rate above standards, candidate would add to that further knowledge (of (our state) or (Beat) or (our community)). To exceed standards, candidates would demonstrate ample familiarity with all three subject areas. Below standard does not disqualify candidate.
  6. Bilingual in Spanish/Ability to Connect with Underserved Communities – Award no points if the candidate offer NEITHER Spanish fluency or a cultural connection with underserved communities in (our community) (e.g., Hispanic/Latino). Award 3 points if candidate offers EITHER Spanish fluency or cultural connection. Award 5 points if candidates offer BOTH Spanish fluency and cultural connection.
  7. CD Demo. Listen to the demo and score from 0 to 5 based on these considerations:

A) The quality of the reporter’s voice (natural quality, enunciation, conversational delivery, appropriate inflection and confidence orauthority).

B) The production value of the recording (was it cued properly, miked properly, free of distracting noises, good use of ambient sound or actuality, well-mixed?)

C) The script writing (Does story grab your attention at the outset? Is there a consistent narrative style or structure? How are characters developed? Is the story focused? Is word choice precise and concise? Does the writing make the most of the sound? Is it creative?)

D) The reporting (Is this an important topic (or an interesting topic)? Does the reporting bring out reason to care? Do we have the salient facts? Does it show good research? Do we hear from the best possible sources? Is it balanced? Is there an appropriate level of depth?)