Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for News and Public Affairs

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A. Overview/Introduction (summary of highlights, accomplishments, challenges, purpose of plan)

B. Vision/Mission/Principles

C. Priority One: Journalism Excellence

Goal 1 — “Add Greater Depth: Add full-time reporter” (reason, process, cost)

Goal 2 — “Add Greater Depth: Form beat system” (reason, process, cost)

Goal 3 — “Improve Morning Edition News: Apply for MEGS Workshop” (reason, process, cost)

D. Priority Two: Staff Excellence

Goal 4 — “Improve multi-media skills: begin training program” (reason, process, cost)

Goal 5 — “Improve spot & feature & web balance: examine planning & set new production goals” (reason, process, cost)

E. Priority Three: Production Excellence

Goal 6 — “Improve Field Sound & Work Speed: invest in digital recorders” (reason, process, cost)